VR Isn’t Ready for Market-Wide Release?

Our Sales Beg to Differ

VR has been on the forefront of all the tech blogs in recent years, with many tech pundits signaling that this is the year for a massive breakthrough not only in VR tech and software, but market wide appeal.

Well, we’ve been checking out Spectiv VR, and we’ll tell you that we’re feeling the heat first hand.

If we need to catch your attention now, we’ll give you a quick spoiler: a private presale just racked up 3,548 ETH, 32 BTC, and an additional $58,000 USD. If you’re unclear as to how incredibly valuable 32 BTC are, just multiply 32 times about 6,000 and you’ll have a serious number to throw down.

Not only are we using and experiencing VR in a profound, engaging way, but we’re looking at Spectiv’s track record, and this VR platform is about to skyrocket into the stratosphere.

One of the world’s first premier VR media platforms, Spectiv VR empowers users to upload and share their 360-experiences with others—which means anyone will be able to borrow VR experiences and fly around the world in moments. But, what makes Spectiv VR truly unique is their integration of what’s called “Signal Token Protocol.” For those not fluent in tech-speak, STP uses blockchain tech—the same tech that powers cryptocurrencies—to create a decentralized network where advertisers can connect with content creators and other users in a meaningful way.

This means you won’t get inundated with ads that are meaningless to you. You can engage with them at your leisure, and be rewarded anonymously for participating. It’s ads without the pain points of ads.

Think of Spectiv VR like Twitch but for VR. You will be able to immediately connect to the content you love—without having to deal with any of the content you’re not interested in.

While most VR releases thus far have hinged on blockbuster releases that have fallen flat, or beta games and videos that crash VR headsets, Spectiv VR is a breath of fresh air, an unlimited supply of content, and an ad-focused integration that takes your experience to the next level without ever feeling like you’re watching ads.

Become part of the future. Get ready for Spectiv VR. To learn more, go online to www.SpectivVR.com, today!

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