Terms & Conditions

  1. The terms below are applicable to the use of this website ‘CryptoxBureau.com’ and the purchasing of all cryptocurrencies from us via CryptoxBureau.
  2. CryptoxBureau.com is a website operated by CryptoxBureau Limited, (CB, we, us, or our). We buy and sell cryptocurrencies as a brokerage service.
  3. Individuals buying from us are referred to as the ‘client, you, customers’’.
  4. To become a client you must be able to provide proof of identity with a scanned copy of photo ID alongside a proof of address (bank statement, council tax bill dated within the last 3 months). This ID helps to assist in the fight against money laundering.
  5. All personal details fall on you to ensure that they are accurate and up to date. Changes to these should be channeled via your broker as and when they occur.
  6. You must ensure that all the information that you provide to us is accurate and up-to-date at all times. Any changes must be advised to us either through our website or in writing as soon as is practically possible
  7. All clients must be over the age of 18 with a valid UK bank account in the name the client is registering in.
  8. You, the client, must be in position of any monies you intend to spend with us.
  9. We may make alterations to these terms of trade or to the Website from time to time. If you are not happy with any alteration, you must stop using the Website. If you keep using the Website, this will indicate your acceptance of these terms of trade as alteredCryptocurrency Orders
  10. We aim to process all client orders as soon as possible, usually within the 3 trading windows throughout the day – 9AM, 1PM & 5PM. However, at peak times this may not be possible as a backlog of orders builds, and as such we reserve the right to delay the processing of new orders without incurring any liability from you for any subsequent resulting loss or damages.
  11. We do however always endeavor to keep clients updated on progress if there is going to be any delays via email or telephone.
  12. Orders are taken via your nominated broker, who will provide you with a unique reference code and our UK bank account details into which the full fee provided in your broker’s quotation will need to be deposited within, at which point the order will be legally binding.
  13. Once funds have been deposited into our account, you may not cancel or amend any of the details of the order unless contact has been made via your broker.
  14. You understand that currency markets are incredibly volatile, and exchange rates can rapidly fluctuate. Given this, the rate your broker offers you at the beginning of an order is dependent on the current given market rate for that cryptocurrency. You therefore agree that the number of cryptocurrency coins received may become fewer in the time it takes for you make your bank deposit into our account.
  15. While CryptoxBureau relies on third party payment providers (UK bank processing, PayPal etc) you understand that some delays may occur in the transferring of payments for orders to us. Technical difficulties on either side may occur which are beyond our control.
  16. Once an order has been processed our end, your broker will notify you with relevant ‘proof of order’ with a link to the blockchain.Liabilities & Recovering of Funds
  17. We will not be held liable to you in any form for consequential damages or loss on your part as a result of a delay in processing your order. And we cannot under any circumstances be held liable to you in excess of the original amount of your order. You cannot make any claim against us for, but not entirely limited to, loss of business, loss of interest on cryptocurrency, or loss of opportunities.
  18. Should a mistake be made by us which results in currencies being sent to the wrong address (wrong being different from the original wallet address / details provided to your broker) we will make every effort to swiftly recover those funds at our expense.
  19. However, provided we have accurately used the address provided to your broker, we will be under no obligation to recover or provide a refund on funds which happen to be sent to a differing address as a result of a mistake by you (e.g. sending over the wrong address details).