Sell Your Cryptocurrency

Looking to sell the currency you're holding?

Sell Your Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency buy back service.

Here at CryptoxBureau, not only do we recognise the difficulty many find when acquiring virtual currency in the first place, the same can be said for when an investor wants to sell their stock of coins.

We provide a cryptocurrency buy back service, offering competitive rates for many of the top 10 currencies.

How to sell your currency?

Complete the form to the right stating which and how many coins you currently hold. We will then be in touch ASAP if we are able to provide you with a competitive offer to buy them from you.

Once a price has been agreed, we will pay the same day via UK bank transfer to your own bank account in exchange for the coins as / when they appear in our own wallet.

Need more help? If you're looking to buy or sell with us, we'd be happy to help.