How To Buy Cryptocurrency

How To Buy Cryptocurrency with CryptoxBureau?

Buying with CryptoxBureau is reliable, hassle free and fast. We always aim to approve new users ID within just 60 minutes, and fulfill paid currency orders within, but usually in fewer than 3 hours.

Here’s how new users to CryptoxBureau can begin making their first currency orders. 

  1. Head to the Registration form.
  2. Complete the form for how many coins you want, alongside uploading your 2 x proofs of ID.
  3. We aim to approve your ID within 60 minutes.
  4. Your dedicated crypto broker will make contact directly with a custom quotation with the latest and competitive prices with payment details.
  5. Once payment has been made via UK Bank Transfer, we commence the currency transfer directly to your wallet and send you an online ‘receipt’ from the blockchain.
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Verify Your Identity

To provide security for us both, and to comply with UK money laundering regulations, we ask all new clients to verify their identity during the ordering process.

Unlike many ‘sites, we look to verify your ID within just 60 minutes, allowing you to begin receiving cryptocurrencies within just 2 hours.

Request a Custom Quotation

As a bureau with established client relationships, we like to offer dedicated, custom quotations on all cryptocurrency orders. Ensuring you receive the very latest and most competitive quotation on your next virtual currency investment.

Contact us now for your custom quotation.

Complete Your Order

For your security, we only accept payment by UK bank transfer, ensuring your personal banking details are never passed over the Internet.

Once payment on your pre-agreed quotation has been completed, we will being the cryptocurrency transfer process. Ensuring your new coins are with you ASAP.