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Monero XMR is quite possibly the most anonymous cryptocurrency on the market.

Launched in 2014, its aim was to improve financial privacy for cryptocurrency users who really do value their privacy.

A cryptocurrency with enhanced protection, Monero is a secure, private and untraceable currency which is both open source and available to all.

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About Monero

monero xmrHaving coined the phrase ‘You are your own bank’, Monero sells itself on the fact that you’re 100% in charge of your own money, with both your incoming and outgoing transactions completely private.

Bitcoin BTC was originally touted as an anonymous cryptocurrency, in reality – it’s only ‘semi’ anonymous, unlike Monero XMR which boasts advanced ring signatures, which really does enable completely untraceable and anonymous transactions.

This ring signature technology enables a user to hide how much XMR has been sent, and to whom, which deems it incredibly unlikely for anyone to be able to link a particular transaction to any individual user.