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Dash, the cryptocurrency with the Ronseal affect. Saying it all within its strapline ‘Dash, Digital Cash’.

A cryptocurrency altcoin with a key focus on privacy and super fast transactions. DASH boasts some interesting proprietary technology features such as ‘InstantSend and ‘PrivateSend’.

Both of which bolster the view among many users in the virtual currency world that DASH is a much faster and more anonymous alternative to Bitcoin itself.

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About DASH

buy dash cryptoThe unique technologies found within the project, both ‘InstandSend’ and ‘PrivateSend’ allow for super fast transactions to be sent completely anonymously.

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts feel that, with the emergence of Blockchain forensics, Bitcoin and other virtual currencies have lost their ability to be truly anonymous and therefore warmly welcome the measures to bring privacy back to transactions.

Speed is a key selling point, with Bitcoin taking several minutes to, in some instances, several hours to confirm a transaction, Dash processes a transaction instantly.

One interesting aspect of project is its ‘autonomous governance system’. The voting system for individuals within the network to ‘propose’ and then vote on an proposal for action for which the network can allocate resources to e.g. for the development or marketing of the currency.

One example of this being their extensive YouTube presence, presented by Amanda B. Johnson.