ICO Watch: Want to Make $300 Extra a Month?

It really is.

Let us explain. If you have a mobile phone with your own mobile phone number, you probably have a data plan that accommodates your SMS messages. As you probably know already, service providers have made a habit of selling unlimited plans that empower mobile phone owners with endless SMS-sending potential.

The truth is, if you have an unlimited plan for SMS messages, you’re sitting on a gold mine.

There are still tons of consumers out there that are looking for savvy ways to build cheaper and more effective data management plans for themselves and their families. What if you could, without having to lift a finger, sell your unused SMS messaging data for between $30 and $300 dollars a month to these consumers?

Well, you can—BirdChain.

BirdChain is a new company empowering global well-being by tearing down the walls created by cellular and data plan service providers. The oligopolistic market stronghold perpetrated by the big four providers has harassed and strangled the SMS market up to a value of $60 billion—which they devour and sink into their fat, fat pockets.

Why in the world do these companies need more money? Their rationale is always, “Pay us more so we can give you better service.” How is that the moral and ethical contract between a mobile phone owner and a service provider? Better service is their core product. That’s like going to a fruit stand, paying $10 a month for an apple, and then being told that you need to pay $100—because there just might be a better apple out there, somewhere.

But, we digress. BirdChain is utilizing a new block chain adaptation which will allow regular mobile service customers to create passive earnings. By downloading the BirdChain instant messaging app, you can simply affix the number which you used for SMS messaging, and BirdChain’s block chain algorithm will do the rest—with Smart Contracts, a staple of block chain technologies, assuring payments every month to users.

It’s that simple. Your information will never be shared, you will never receive unwanted SMS messages, and your messages will never go to anyone else.

It’s about time you took back the money service providers should already be giving you. BirdChain’s ICO is launching on November 18th to fast-track the finance and remaining development of the app.

To learn more about how you can get involved in profit from your service plan, go online to birdchain.io, today!

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