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Buy Cryptocurrency Online with GBP

Your virtual currency bureau de change and crypto broker

CryptoxBureau is a cryptocurrency brokering service, helping UK individuals buy and sell virtual currencies with GBP. 

Buying from us is simple, fast and secure. When you first sign up with us, you’re assigned a dedicated crypto broker who will be your personal point of contact here at CryptoxBureau, guiding you through the whole buying process from initial quote to receiving your currency. 

Our excellent record of customer service is reflected in our client feedback, we always go the extra mile to answer any technical questions you may have and ensure you’re happy and confident throughout the transaction. 

While we can help you to buy from some of the top 10 virtual currencies in the UK with quick, instant GBP bank transfer, we can also help to source altcoins outside of the top 10. 

If you know which cryptocurrency you would like to buy, give us an email [email protected] or call 0203 189 1451 and we would be happy to help out. 

Pick a Cryptocurrency To Get Started Today

Buy Bitcoin BTC

Current price / coin:  £2543.9

Looking to get involved in the cryptocurrency world with a Bitcoin investment? Buying Bitcoin is a great way to start, enabling you to enter the market and move onto further altcoins when ready.

Buy BTC Online Now

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Buy Ethereum ETH

Current price / coin:  £183.43

Noticing the rising popularity of altcoins? Ethereum’s at the top of that list, hot on the heels of Bitcoin in the #2 Market Capitalisation spot.  We can help you buy Ethereum today.

Buy ETH Online Now

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Buy Ripple XRP

Current price / coin:  £0.16

Ripple’s XRP is a strong contender and good investment for cryptocurrency buyers, with positive backing from the banking industry for the Ripple payment network, will you be buying XRP?

Buy XRP Online Now

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Buy Litecoin LTC

Current price / coin:  £38.19

Touted as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold, do you want to be buying into this super fast, silver altcoin? With the ability to handle a higher volume of transactions, how many silver coins will you be adding to your stock?

Buy LTC Online Now

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Buy Ethereum Classic ETC

Current price / coin:  £13.17

The offspring of a hardfork on the Ethereum network in 2016, Ethereum Classic is still standing strong within the 5 top cryptocurrencies worldwide. Will you be buying into the classic side?

Buy ETC Online Now

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Current price / coin:  £0.16

Filled with native features found in traditional banking systems, such as multi-sig signatories for the release of XEM funds, NEM’s XEM is a lightning fast crypto sitting pretty within the top 10 crypto’s worldwide.

Buy XEM Online Now

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Buy Dash DASH

Current price / coin:  £176.47

Dash, the only genuine cryptocurrency with the Ronseal affect. Saying it all within its strapline ‘Dash, Digital Cash’,  It’s ‘InstantSend’ technology results in super fast transactions, ideal for online purchases. Could DASH be a future PayPal contender?

Buy DASH Online Now

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Buy Monero XMR

Current price / coin:  £40.82

Often praised as being the most anonymous mainstream cryptocurrency of them all, Monero XMR is loved by users as a genuinely secure, private and untraceable currency.

Buy XMR Online Now

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Buying & Sourcing Alternative Coins (Altcoins)

While we receive regular buying orders for some of the top 10-20 cryptocurrencies, we also get asked about buying and sourcing some lesser known currencies.

These alternative coins often require multiple transactions to purchase, which is why clients are turning to us, providing peace of mind and keeping their investment safe.

Some recent altcoin purchases include: IOTA, Stratis, BitConnect, Veritaseum, Bitshares, Zcash, Antshares, Steem, Waves, Bytecoin, Siacoin, Golem, Augur, DigiByte, Populous

If you have a specific altcoin that you would like to purchase in mind, do not hesitate to get in touch, we will definitely be able to help.

3 Step Cryptocurrency Ordering Process

Buying virtual currencies online with us is a quick, simple and transparent process.

Verify Your Identity

To provide security for us both, and to comply with UK money laundering regulations, we ask all new clients to verify their identity during the ordering process.

Unlike many ‘sites, we look to verify your ID within just 60 minutes, allowing you to begin receiving cryptocurrencies within just 2 hours.

Request a Custom Quotation

As a bureau with established client relationships, we like to offer dedicated, custom quotations on all cryptocurrency orders. Ensuring you receive the very latest and most competitive quotation on your next virtual currency investment.

Contact us now for your custom quotation.

Complete Your Order

For your security, we only accept payment by UK bank transfer, ensuring your personal banking details are never passed over the Internet.

Once payment on your pre-agreed quotation has been completed, we will being the cryptocurrency transfer process. Ensuring your new coins are with you ASAP.

Request a Call Back from a Broker

Complete the quick form below to receive a call back from a broker at a time that suits you. 

Positive Client Testimonials

Why Buy Cryptocurrency With Us?

With a number of cryptocurrency brokers on the market, why should you make your next virtual currency order with CryptoxBureau?


Our wealth of experience puts many first time customers at ease. The team behind CryptoxBureau has 40+ years of financial services experience from a former stock broker, and 10+ years of internet experience to hand. Staying at the cutting edge of cryptocurrencies.


Attempting to ‘go solo’ and purchase one of the many alt-coins on the market, while possible, can be a long winded and complex process. Buying with us cuts this process out, enabling you to pay via UK bank transfer and receive your currency within hours.


We take your online security incredibly seriously. We will only ever accept payment by UK bank transfer, ensuring your personal banking details are never passed over the Internet. Likewise, your personal ID documents are kept securely on file by us alone, never to be shared to third parties.

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